A major agricultural organisation needed to replace an obsolete refrigeration system, with the most modern and energy-efficient crop storage system within their budget. The client was so delighted with their Bradley Refrigeration system after two years of testing, we installed the same technologies in their other three stores as well.

The problem

A leading potato industry organisation wanted to replace its obsolete refrigeration with a new potato cooling system that could make better use of space, improve air flow and achieve more efficient drying, curing and temperature control. The new potato cooling system also needed to distribute CIPC and other suppressants more evenly.
With energy efficiency and value-for-money also key goals for the project, Bradley Refrigeration was asked to design, supply, install and commission the new solution.

The investigation

Bradley Refrigeration solutions always begin with a thorough site assessment, and this project was no different. Once we understood the requirements and possibilities, we proposed an efficient single-unit system and a new layout for the store.
Our crop storage recommendations included removing internal walls to provide a single, larger store with better access and improved air flow through the crop. We also proposed an Aspire Crop Positive Ventilation System, which would enable simple and flexible control over air flow.

The solution

Installation began with the removal of internal walls, allowing the store to be stacked in a single direction. The new CRP Bradley Cooler was then fitted, featuring efficient coils and a custom-designed condenser. Additional fans improved drying and curing processes.
The Aspire Crop Positive Ventilation System ensured every box at every location received the same amount of air. Fans on the Aspire system’s inverters ensured even CIPC distribution. All fans and machinery units were also fitted with their own inverters, allowing precise control and advanced energy efficiency. The entire system was fully controllable via external touch panels, for ease of use.

The benefits

Once up and running, the client conducted independent tests that compared the new Bradley Refrigeration system with its other stores and systems over a two-year period. These tests revealed significant benefits, including:

  • Reliable, economical cooling with superior air flow, reduced weight loss and dehydration, better temperature control and more efficient refrigerant
  • 75% reduction in time taken to dry, cure and pull down a wet crop
  • More flexible loading, unloading and air channelling with the Aspire Positive Ventilation System
  • Reduced maintenance requirements, thanks to CIPC fans which automatically remove gas and dust from the cooler and prevent blockages.
  • Easier, more powerful controls via the Aspire system’s external touchscreen panels
  • A more usable working store layout

Following these excellent results, Bradley Refrigeration installed similar crop ventilation systems in three more of the client’s stores.
To find out more and arrange a site survey anywhere in the UK, call our team on 0114 236 9971.

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