Enjoy huge energy savings and meet environmental targets, with the ideal complement to your refrigeration or air conditioning system. Our commercial solar PV solutions utilise the most advanced technologies, providing greater efficiency plus additional financial incentives.

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Enjoy free electricity with solar PV

Solar PV (photovoltaic) systems use semiconducting solar panels to convert energy from the sun into direct current electricity for your organisation.

Power generated by solar PV systems is free, giving you a long-term, high-value return on investment. It’s cleaner and more sustainable than traditional energy sources. And with no moving parts, our solar PV solutions offer excellent reliability.

UK-wide design, delivery, installation and service

Choose a commercial solar PV solution that maximises your financial return, from a provider with a 50-year track record of quality. Our range includes inverter and roof-fixed systems.

MCS approved solutions

Make sure your system meets Microgeneration Certification Scheme standards. As an MCS-registered installer, we supply, design, install and commission solar PV solutions the right way – so you can qualify for feed-in tariffs.

Options for every business

Technology advancements mean our east, west and south-facing solar PV systems perform comparably. Your bespoke solution can utilise the very latest inverter and roof-fixed components.

Boost your cash flow

You could be paid for the energy you produce via a feed-in tariff. Your solution could also count towards your Annual Investment Allowance (AIA) scheme, allowing you to deduct its full value from your pre-tax profits.

Quality servicing. 24-hour repairs.

Your solution can be supported by a cost-effective servicing plan and 24-hour engineer call-out service. You’ll enjoy easier equipment compliance, minimal downtime and faster repairs.

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