The British weather might always be changing, but the comfort of your office – and your staff productivity – don’t have to. You can take full control of your office climate, however large or small your space.

With a custom office A/C solution from Bradley Refrigeration, your employees can enjoy reliable heating and cooling all year round. Available in a range of finishes, our systems fit perfectly with the look of your office.

The complete office A/C solution

Bradley Refrigeration can design, deliver, install and maintain a custom air conditioning system for your office space of any size, anywhere in the UK. Based in Sheffield, we’ve been in the climate control business for over 50 years.

Save on energy

Reduce the running costs of your office air conditioning. Our A/C solutions utilise the most efficient equipment available. It’s kinder to the environment too. With our competitive system pricing, you can achieve lower total cost of ownership.

Keep your office stylish

A/C systems aren’t ordinarily known for their style – but we go beyond the ordinary. With our office air-con solutions, you can choose from a wide range of finishes to match the design of your space. Your office can stay looking as great as it always has.

Help staff work happier

When your employees know they’re headed to a comfortable environment, they’re more enthusiastic about coming to work – so they get more done. During heat waves or cold snaps, your attendance can stay healthy. You’re also less likely to be affected by HSE temperature laws.

You’re always in control

With our economical maintenance programmes and 24-hour engineer service, your office A/C can keep working 365 days. It could achieve a longer lifespan, too. Your business benefits from outstanding reliability, fewer repairs and a more enjoyable working environment.

Arrange a free survey

Want to know more about how we can meet your office air conditioning needs, UK-wide? Talk to our team in Sheffield on 0114 236 9971, or email us for a free survey and competitive quote.

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