For a retailer on a university campus, chilled convenience foods were a key source of revenue. So when its chilled cabinets were damaged during a refurbishment, replacements were needed fast. Bradley Refrigeration quickly designed and delivered a new system, which also provided outstanding energy savings and reliability.

The problem

One of our retail clients operated several convenience stores across a university campus, managed by a student union. The central campus store sold a high volume of pick-up-and-go products, including chilled drinks, ready meals, snacks, dairy and cooked meat products. But when another company refurbished the store, the chilled cabinets were left damaged and unusable. The shop re-opening was also delayed, affecting sales.

The investigation

The client engaged us to design a replacement chilled cabinet system. Understanding that the chilled foods section was an important source of profit for the client, we aimed to give them maximum sales space, energy efficiency and reliability. We also had to work fast, so that sales could resume quickly.

The solution

The new system used the latest refrigeration technologies to reduce energy costs and make space for additional cabinets.

We used a single inverter condensing unit to control multiple cabinets at different temperatures, with a single set of pipework. This saved a considerable amount of time and materials. The inverter condensing unit also delivered excellent energy savings, as the supply of refrigeration closely matches demand and produces excellent evaporator temperature control. After installation, the store had 24 metres of chilled sales space.

The benefits

The new chilled cabinet system delivered tangible business benefits for the retailer:

  • Chilled food and drink sales resumed quickly, thanks to fast service and efficient design
  • Floor space was increased, making room for additional chilled cabinets and product sales
  • New technologies provided outstanding energy efficiency, potentially increasing the company’s profit margins
  • The system’s excellent reliability could prevent lost sales in future

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