Freezing the Cost of Refrigeration Repairs

At a multi-site convenience store chain selling chilled food and drinks, refrigerators were breaking down on a weekly basis. Bradley Refrigeration introduced an efficient servicing plan that improved reliability and froze out costly repairs.

The problem

Fridge breakdowns can cost food retailers dearly in repair costs, food spoilage and unhappy customers. So when a convenience retail chain found their chilled and drink displays were breaking down almost every day, something had to change.

The company was like many other convenience retailers: they didn’t have a refrigeration maintenance plan in place.

Yet chilled food and drink displays suffer from many common issues. Condenser coils and evaporators can collect debris quickly in a retail environment, causing the compressor to fail – and the compressor is a very expensive part to replace.

The investigation

The company initially hired Bradley Refrigeration to respond to its refrigeration breakdowns across all stores. Once summer arrived, we were soon receiving breakdown calls every day!

Our experienced engineers noted the equipment had not been maintained properly for several years, and its poor condition was leading to frequent problems.

Following an assessment, the situation was clear. If the refrigeration equipment could be kept in healthy working order, the company could make significant improvements to business performance.

The solution

Our team designed a pro-active maintenance plan to meet the specific needs of the company’s equipment and retail environment.

The maintenance package included regular cleaning of condenser and evaporator coils, drain cleaning, checks of electrical connections, system efficiency checks, f gas compliance checks and refrigerant leak checks.

Best of all, the new maintenance plan was extremely cost-efficient. In fact, it was equivalent to replacing just two of the compressors that had been failing regularly before.

The benefits

Following the introduction of scheduled maintenance, the company has enjoyed:

  • Fewer equipment breakdowns
  • Improved reliability, leading to less food spoilage and greater customer satisfaction
  • Significantly reduced repair costs

To find out more and arrange a site survey anywhere in the UK, call our team on 0114 236 9971.

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