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To complement the Design and Installation Service, Bradley Refrigeration can offer full after sales maintenance and service to refrigeration and air conditioning equipment whether the equipment was originally supplied by Bradley Refrigeration or supplied by other contractors.

As with a motor car, refrigeration and air Conditioning equipment benefits from regular maintenance; with clean air filters, clean condenser and evaporator coils the equipment should operate to its maximum efficiency and economy.

In confined areas air conditioning can produce stale odours; if requested a maintenance inspection can include disinfection of the evaporator coil, the products used comply with EU standards > Legionella: T72 300-301. > Salmonella: T72 300-301. > Listeria: T72 300-301. Fungicide: NF EN 1275. & Virucide: NFT 72 180.

The European Union F-Gas Regulation states that all refrigeration and air conditioning equipment with a refrigerant gas charge in excess of 3Kg must be leak tested at least once a year and that the "operator" of the equipment must keep a record of all service and maintenance Inspections. A leak test of the system is part of a regular maintenance inspection offered by Bradley Refrigeration.

Bradley Refrigeration can offer various options of maintenance packages to suit each individual application. Initially, the customer would be asked to supply an inventory of the equipment to be maintained and at no initial cost a site inspection would be made with the customer. During the inspection access requirements  woudl be checked and schedule would be agreed with the customer that suits their requirements. A quotation would then be offered.

Maintenance inspections include cleaning, checking and any minor adjustments in an attempt to prolong the life of the equipment, improve efficiency and to prevent nuisance breakdowns. 

For those who choose to take the risk and not have regular pro-active maintenance Inspections, Bradley Refrigeration can offer reactive service in the event of breakdowns.

Please contact the friendly employees in the Bradley Refrigeration service department for more details.

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